Macro Photography Tips By Thomas Shahan

macro photography composition

It is not often that you get to peek into the mind of another macro photographer. In this short video, macro photographer Thomas Shahan shares macro photography tips and his macro knowledge with the rest of the macro photography community. He invites us into his macro photography world and reveals the macro photography equipment that he uses and the photography and post-production techniques that he uses to capture and create amazing macro photographs. Pay close [...] Read more »

Cool Tips for Taking Macro Photographs of Snowflakes

macro photography tips and tricks

We all learn in grade school that every snowflake is different. With all of the billions of snowflakes that fall every year, no two are ever the same. And when you factor in the fact that every, single snowflake really is a miniature work of art, it’s easy to realize why so many macro photographers like to spend their cold, winter days heading outside to take photographs of these unique, little ice crystals. Have you [...] Read more »

Time to Learn Macro Photography from an Expert Instructor

Colors in Photography - Analogous color harmony

They say that the top professionals, CEO’s and entrepreneurs do things a little bit different from the rest of us. These folks have certain habits that they adhere to in order to become leaders in their chosen fields. Do you know what one of their most important habits is? It’s attending conferences, training and seminars to become more informed and competent. So then, it only makes sense that if you want to become a better [...] Read more »

Mastering Macro Photography – Ideas, Tips, Tutorials & DIY Equipment

Mastering Macro Photography Cover (Final) Small

Learn macro photography tips and techniques to become a master macro photographer Do you want to learn macro photography but don’t know where to start? Or are you frustrated because your macro photos are average looking no matter what you do? If this sounds familiar, then this book is for you. Unlike other books, this book is not about showing you pages of beautiful macro photos. The main purpose of the book is to equip you [...] Read more »

Taking Better Macro Photos of Flowers – 4 Tips


Taking better macro photos of flowers is not hard… If you love to take nature-themed macro photos, you’ve probably tried your hand a time or two at taking sweet close-up shots of flowers. Of all the brilliant, beautiful subjects the natural world supplies for photographers, there is nothing that can match the inherent, natural beauty of flowers in full bloom. But it can be a bit tricky to take superior quality photographs of flowers without [...] Read more »

Macro Photography Subjects Really are EVERYWHERE

abstract photography

It’s always a good idea for macro photographers to keep their eyes open. Really! Literally! Everywhere you go, and everything you pass by in your day-to-day life can serve as inspiration – or even potential subjects – for your macro photography endeavors. From the flowers that you pass by in your garden to the box full of screws on your work bench, there are macro photography subjects everywhere that you look. The secret to noticing these things and [...] Read more »

Lighting Photography Techniques – Flower Photography

Macro photography how to take sharper photos

If you have ever gotten into a heated argument or discussion with another person, you know it is very hard to find any subjects or statements that everyone will agree with. We all just see the world in our own, unique ways, and that’s not really a bad thing, is it? Well, today we are going to make a bold statement that we think most everyone will agree with: Flowers are amongst the most beautiful [...] Read more »

How To Capture Macro Photos Of Dew Drops

how to photograph dew drops

As you progress as a macro photographer it is only natural that you will want to learn – and ultimately master – the cool tricks and techniques that the professionals employ on a regular basis. Let’s face it, we all want to create photographs that will absolutely astound and dazzle our audience. Today’s macro photography tutorial is going to show you the ropes to master one of the coolest macro photography tricks of them all [...] Read more »