Macro Photography Subjects Really are EVERYWHERE

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It’s always a good idea for macro photographers to keep their eyes open. Really! Literally! Everywhere you go, and everything you pass by in your day-to-day life can serve as inspiration – or even potential subjects – for your macro photography endeavors. From the flowers that you pass by in your garden to the box full of screws on your work bench, there are macro photography subjects everywhere that you look. The secret to noticing these things and [...] Read more »

Lighting Photography Techniques – Flower Photography

Macro photography how to take sharper photos

If you have ever gotten into a heated argument or discussion with another person, you know it is very hard to find any subjects or statements that everyone will agree with. We all just see the world in our own, unique ways, and that’s not really a bad thing, is it? Well, today we are going to make a bold statement that we think most everyone will agree with: Flowers are amongst the most beautiful [...] Read more »

How To Capture Macro Photos Of Dew Drops

how to photograph dew drops

As you progress as a macro photographer it is only natural that you will want to learn – and ultimately master – the cool tricks and techniques that the professionals employ on a regular basis. Let’s face it, we all want to create photographs that will absolutely astound and dazzle our audience. Today’s macro photography tutorial is going to show you the ropes to master one of the coolest macro photography tricks of them all [...] Read more »

Macro Photography Ideas for Macro Photographers


Have you found that you’ve been falling into a rut with your macro photography lately? Do you ever get just a little bit burned out taking what seems to be the same photograph over and over again? If you have been searching for a little bit of inspiration and some new ideas for shooting macro photographs, then today is your lucky day! We have managed to find a great macro photography tutorial that should help [...] Read more »

Tips to Take Macro Photos with Basic Entry Level Photography Gear

how to build your own flash diffuser

Do you love taking macro photographs, but feel like you don’t have all the super-fancy, high-end photography gear that you need to take the best photographs possible? If so, you are not alone! Lots of photographers struggle with the fact that they don’t necessarily have the best gear on hand to shoot with. However, with a bit of experience and some helpful tips in your photography arsenal, it is possible to take drop-dead gorgeous macro [...] Read more »

Macro Photography Tips for Photographing Small Animals

Choosing the right colors can help you achieve color harmony

In case you haven’t noticed already, the whole world is in love with animal photographs and videos. Heck, all you have to do is go to YouTube to see the thousands upon thousands of animal videos (especially cat videos, it seems) to verify this fact! But what about macro photography of smaller animals and even insects? Are you looking for some tips to help improve your shots of little critters? We hope so, because today’s [...] Read more »

Check out these Artistic Macro Photography Shots

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Classic art has a way of inspiring people to climb to new heights, to take on new challenges and to excel as they never have before. If you love photography, you might find that the general public has a way of looking down on photography a bit, with many people believing anyone with a camera can create truly artistic photographs. The truth is, however, that it takes skill, determination and an eye for finding beauty [...] Read more »

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Macro Photography


There are some photographers who have had the honor and privilege of attending university to sharpen their photography skills, while others have had to learn everything on their own. Both methods of learning are perfectly valid, and there have been plenty of professional photographers who have entered their profession from either of the scenarios we just discussed. Regardless of how much formal photography training you have had, however, you have to agree that you can [...] Read more »