Tips and Tricks to Take Better Macro Photographs of Flowers


It’s no secret that lots of casual photographers get bitten by the macro photography bug the very first time they see a dazzling, extreme close-up shot of flowers. Even though you can take macro photographs using virtually anything as your subject of choice, it’s often flowers that are the most inspiring and easy to find subjects available. But just because flower macro photographs are popular, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to capture the best [...] Read more »

Photography Composition Terms

macro photography composition

No matter what your passion, profession or hobby is you understand that there are terms that people who don’t participate in that profession or hobby might not understand. For example, if you don’t work in the financial industry, you may get thrown for a loop when people start talking about terms, interest rates and other financial jargon. Well, it’s the same for people who are new to photography. So many terms get tossed around that [...] Read more »

Here’s the RIGHT Way to Take Macro Photos of Insects

macro photography - photoshop tips for beginners

Spiders, crickets, bees and other wasps may scare a lot of people, but macro photographers are made of stronger stuff than the average person! Some of the most amazing macro photographs ever captured have been of insects, bugs and other small creatures that other people may try to keep their distance from. There is just something about seeing these tiny critters magnetized in macro photographs that people cannot resist. If you’ve always dreamed of taking [...] Read more »

How to Take Creative Macro Photography of Letters

How to Take Creative Macro Photography of Letters

We live in a world that is filled with letters and words. From the signs that we see on the roadways to the text that fills up the books that we read, we are surrounded by the written word at nearly every moment of our lives. In fact, we see so much text on a daily basis that it is easy to take all those letters and words for granted. After all, who has time [...] Read more »

A Cool Photography Exercise to Improve Creativity

creative photography composition

People who have only taken a few selfies with their phones, or simple photographs with a point and click camera, may not understand how much creativity it takes to become a real photographer. All you need to do is look at classic photographs, from some of the top dogs, like maybe Ansel Adams, to see that creativity abounds when photographers learn to follow their passion, master their equipment and to follow their vision of what [...] Read more »

Macro Photography Tips and Tricks – Ice and Frost

macro photography tips and tricks snow frost ice

Have you ever gone online and viewed some macro photographs of ice or frost that you found to be really impressive? There is no doubt about it – frost and ice are amongst some of the most beautiful formations created by Mother Nature. But taking the best macro photographs of frost and ice requires you to specialize a bit and to learn some new skills to add to your macro photography arsenal. Today we are [...] Read more »

The Secrets of Better Flower Photography Revealed at Last

The Secrets of Better Flower Photography Revealed at Last

When you think about all of the beautiful things there are in the world, flowers may be one of the first things that you think of. Let’s face it, even the least ornate flower in the world, perhaps even a weed, like a dandelion, is a pretty marvelous work of natural art. It is no wonder, then, that so many photographers – especially macro photographers – enjoy spending their time snapping shot after shot of [...] Read more »

Add a Splash of Color to Your Next Photography Shoot

Add a Splash of Color to Your Next Photography Shoot

It can be very rewarding to take black & white photographs. We have all seen some amazing photographs that were free from color and yet still very impressive. However, if you are like a lot of other photographers you probably enjoy taking shots that are filled with bold, bright colors. Whether you like to shoot colorful birds and butterflies or you prefer to take shots of flowers and plants, there’s nothing like a bit of [...] Read more »