Easy Tips to Save Money to Buy the Best Photo Gear

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macro photographyIf you’ve been in a state of panic trying to figure out how you’re going to afford super-expensive photography gear (a.k.a the best photo gear), you are most definitely not alone. All photographers – except for those who may happen to be independently wealthy – often struggle with figuring out how they can afford the cameras, lenses and other essential photography gear they so desperately want/need. Well, today’s post is going to deviate from the norm a bit. We’re not going to discuss taking photographs, breaking down gear or any topics that are directly related to photography. But we will share some proven techniques to help you save extra money up for those items that you simply must have.

Money Saving Tip #1 – Be Smart About Transportation

Let’s face it – gasoline prices are sky-high, and don’t look to be coming down in the future! But if you’re smart about your transportation options, you could save a lot of money every month. Public transportation is a great option. If you have bus or train line that runs in your area, you could get where you need to go every day, while avoiding expensive fill-ups at the local gas station. Put that extra money into your photography gear funds, instead of that gas guzzling fuel tank!

Money Saving Tip #2 – Avoid Impulse Buys

It happens to everyone; you are checking out at the grocery store and see that candy bar, pack of gum or other impulse item and end up purchasing it, even though you don’t need it. Here’s the thing, though, the people who set these items up, do so strategically. They know that when your money is out it is very easy to simply tack on unnecessary purchases in the form of impulse buys. Muster up a bit of willpower, and avoid buying anything at the supermarket that is not on your list, and divert your eyes from impulse items. This simple tip can help you to sock away that extra cash into your camera-purchasing budget.

Money Saving Tip #3 – Weatherproof Your Living Space

A lot of extra money may be floating out of your bank account in the form of a house or apartment that is energy-inefficient. Take some time to assess your living space, and make it more energy-efficient. A few bucks spent on caulking holes & cracks can go a long way in lowering your monthly heating and cooling costs. You can take the money that you save and use it on really important items – like that new lens or upgraded camera instead!

Money Saving Tip #4 – Budget, Budget, Budget…

The best way to save money is to be meticulous about your budget. Start a spreadsheet and keep track of money coming in versus money going out. Once you have a baseline of a few months in your spreadsheet, it becomes easy to find trends that are sucking your bank account dry and make necessary adjustments. There’s no substitute for being on a smart budget when you’re serious about saving up for better photography equipment.

Become a Thrifty Photographer

We hope these tips help to inspire you and assist you in your quest to save up money for better photography gear. And don’t forget to think about saving as an ongoing task that pays off when you stick with your plan for the long haul. By implementing just one of these tips for a few months, you may find yourself having plenty of cash to spare for that new piece of photography equipment that you’ve been dying to get your hands on!

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