Attention: Don’t Leave Home without your Camera!

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Do you remember the old American Express commercials? They used to tell us all the importance of never leaving home without our American Express cards. While you really don’t need that card on hand to get by from day to day, if you are into macro photography, you really do need to have your camera close by at all times. As a macro photographer, you never know when that perfect shot might unfold before your eyes, and you need to make sure you are well prepared to capture that magic moment for the world to see…

Your Lifelong Journey as a Macro Photographer

Macro Photography - Practice makes perfect!

Macro Photography – A lifelong journey

Here’s the thing with pursuing macro photography – you never stop the pursuit. What we mean is that there will never come a time when you take that perfect shot each and every time. We’re always learning, trying new techniques and improving over time. This means that every opportunity to capture a beautiful picture is also an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself, your subjects and the equipment that you use each and every day. This is especially important for new macro photographers to keep in mind. If you leave the house without some way to capture the shots that might present themselves to you during the day, you have not only lost the opportunity to capture a new photograph to add to your collection, but you’ve lost the invaluable opportunity to learn more about your overall technique and your equipment.

Perfecting Your Technique – Practice Really Does Make Perfect

Like anything else in life, your skills as a macro photographer are refined every time you click to capture a new photo opportunity. People who are new to macro photography often find that they wind up fumbling with their equipment and trying to figure out different settings and learning the time-honored craft of becoming a master focuser. By having your DSLR on hand to take shots more frequently that learning curve goes way down and you become more proficient as a photographer. Yes, your mother was right when she told you, “Practice makes perfect!”

A New Approach to Macro Photography on the go

Keep your camera always with you to capture unique situations!

Keep your camera always with you so that you do not miss an unexpected macro opportunity!

We’ll be the first to admit that having the DSLR on hand all the time isn’t all that convenient. If you are heading to work or attending to some other business, you may not really have a chance to tote around your camera everywhere you go. However, you probably do carry an iPhone, Android or Blackberry that has a decent camera built into it. Is it possible that you could use that phone-camera to become a better macro photographer? We can already hear some of the hardcore amongst you voicing complaints about the thought of even suggesting that you can do your macro photography with an everyday camera phone. Listen, we’re not saying that your iPhone is ever going to replace your DSLR when it comes time to shoot your next subject. However, and this is a big however, being able to take some sort of photograph – even if it’s with a camera that’s built into your phone – is better than totally missing the opportunity to take that shot, now isn’t it? We don’t expect you to ever give up using your main camera or to not take it with you when that is possible. But during those times when you don’t have it on you, or can’t bring it along, wouldn’t you still like to get in a bit of practice and hone your skills a bit? If you really love macro photography, the obvious answer has to be, “YES!” Okay, let’s just clarify a bit as we come to the close of this post. If it is possible, you should make every attempt to have your equipment on hand to capture any spontaneous subjects that you might encounter on a given day. But even if you can’t, at least try to use your cell phone – possibly with a macro lens adapter – to practice your craft and to capture those photos that might have otherwise been missed if you didn’t have your main camera on hand. Consider this food for thought as you continue on your path to perfect your skills and master your equipment as a macro photographer…

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